Can You Cancel an Auto Insurance Claim?

Auto insurance protects you from mistakes, both your own or someone else’s that happen to involve you. But not all claims with your carrier end up being worth it. So can you “Can you cancel an auto claim?”

How Insurance Logs Your Claim

Yes, you can cancel a claim, meaning that you don’t receive any services and it shouldn’t impact your record. However, the claim will still be logged by your insurance.

What Does This Mean?

A claim being logged on your record means that anyone with the right software can find it. 

Why Cancel a Claim

There are a lot of reasons you might want to cancel a claim. If your damages are barely over your deductible then you may be better off paying out of pocket to avoid a premium increase. Another could be to avoid negatively impacting a clean driving record.

What Can Be Affected by a Claim Report?

Your premium rates could be impacted by following through on a claim. If you were found at fault, it may hurt your driving record and any benefits that come with it. As an example, you may lose a driver discount after accidentally rear-ending someone.

How do I Cancel a Claim?

It should be as simple as calling your insurance representative and telling them you’re no longer interested in pursuing. Some companies also have online outlets where you can go through a website and cancel services. I find it’s better to call.

Would Insurance Ever Refuse to Cancel a Claim?

Your insurance company can’t force you to pursue a claim. If you want to cancel a claim or refuse services, you can. However, the claim report could still negatively impact you. This is mainly the case if you were found to be responsible for the accident.

Wrapping Up

Insurance can be a hassle on your heart, head, and wallet. Sometimes, you’re better off ending the process and taking care of it yourself. Remember you have a right to decide what happens to your vehicle. Canceling a claim may be the best decision you can make.

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