How Far Back Does Health Insurance Cover Past Bills?

Health insurance covers costly medical expenses that many individuals are unable to pay out of pocket. Some health insurance policies, thankfully, can backtrack and cover to up to three years in the past depending on your coverage. These policies will reimburse you the costs quickly and efficiently when all is done correctly. 

Monitor the Dates

You need to first pay attention to the date of service that is on your medical bill. This date listed will be the date in which you saw your provider. You can submit that bill to get reimbursed, if it is out-of-network and not automatically covered within the deadline. 

If you think it has been too long, it probably has not. For this reason, try to file any bill that is out-of-network that you have not filed previously. Some insurance providers will pay these bills even if they are not within the time limits. 

What are the Time Limits?

The most, as aforementioned, length of time that a bill can be dated is three years. The least amount of time has been seen as little as ninety days. This is important to check with your insurance provider as it varies from provider to provider. 

It is also important, even if you are utilizing the same provider, to check on the deadlines when you switch plans. Plans themselves can have varying time limits even if the provider is the same. It is also important to pay attention to your state’s laws to ensure the timeline required. 

Will this Work with a Cancelled Policy?

If you no longer have an insurance policy with a certain provider, you should still file claims for an old bill with them. This is especially true if you had the policy at the date of treatment. You are owed a reimbursement in this case, especially if you saw an out-of-network provider. Be sure to contact that insurance provider as soon as possible and provide all ample and essential information to receive your reimbursement as soon as possible. 

What Happens When Claims are Denied?

There are instances in which your claims for reimbursements may be denied by the insurance provider. In these cases, there are chances for you to make an appeal claim. You can provide details that you neglected to provide during the initial claims process. 

When you submit the appeal claim, be sure to provide as much detail about extenuating life circumstances as possible. Make sure to seek assistance as necessary when submitting this documentation to ensure you have provided all ample documentation. This will assist insurance providers in wanting to work with you better. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know you may have up to three years to receive reimbursements for out-of-network medical treatments, it is time to find those old bills. Look at all medical bills, making sure you have them all from all of your medical providers. Be sure to contact insurance providers as soon as possible in to order to start the claims process as soon as possible.

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