When Is the Best Time to Buy Pet Insurance?

Many people purchase pet insurance to finance the medical costs of their cat or dog. Pet insurance is not the best option for all pet owners. However, for some, it provides a piece of mind and financial stability. Like most insurance plans, there are good times to get insurance.

Get pet insurance when pets are young

Veterinarians recommend that the best time to purchase pet insurance is when a dog or cat is young with no underlying health problems. Pet insurance can be purchased for older animals, but the insurance company will not cover pre-existing conditions.

Weather affects pets like humans

Summer heat

While summer is a time to be outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, it can be pretty dangerous for your pets.

Sunburn. Just like humans, pets are susceptible to painful burns and potential skin cancer. The most susceptible areas around the face – nose and ears. Watch out for hot pavement and black tops, the bottom of their feet can also get burned.

Heatstroke. As temperatures soar, a common issue that all caring pet owners should be aware of is heatstroke. With the heat of the summer months, the number of cats and dogs visiting the vet due to this condition rises due to pets not being able to cool themselves down as easily as humans.

Winter cold

Just as the summer sun can be an issue for pets, cold winters can be just as bad. Pets with short hair are particularly in danger of illness or even hypothermia.

Hypothermia in pets can be prevented by avoiding prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Factors that increase a dog’s risk for hypothermia include being very young or old, low body fat, heart disease, kidney disease and hypothyroidism.

Wrapping up

Remember, there are no wrong times to get pet insurance – as long as you think it makes sense. It can be purchased in the summer and wintertime. But the best time to get insurance is when the pet is young.

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